Thursday, August 2, 2012

Money, scam

1.     Introduction
In last post I have talk about some of the money making opportunities online. From my personal experience I found that you can’t make so much money as they all promised. On this site you’ll see the real money making opportunities. I’ll give you advice what to do and what not to do. From my personal experience I found that you can make money blogging or PTC sites. It’s not much but it is enough to extend your allowance. Did you really think that people who make millions on the internet will actually tell you a secret how they make their money? Of course not. These people don’t give a shit about you. If they do they will probably tell you that if you want you need to invest. But if you watching their video they’ll tell you that they start this marketing business from nothing. I mean if they did make so much money why not share with the rest of the world this little secret. No they have to be greedy bastards who want to earn more from you. Yea, really nice.
2.     Blogging

Now how do you feel about blogging? People say you need to write quality content, and you have to do it every day. Well if you love it you can do it. I personally do this because the idea of making money online is exciting but lately I’ve been very frustrated with it. So I started writing this because it makes me calm. I’m so sick of these ideas and promises and opportunities of making money. When you type in Google how to make money? You will get all this programs, affiliate business, 30 minute life changing videos that will make you a million dollars over night. Tell me I’m wrong. I’ve seen all these video commercials of making money and that makes me angry. First of all why I need to pay them for some revolutionary program that is so awesome. Here I go again off topic. The key for a good blogging site is quality content. Well nobody explained what the quality content is. When I search for something I’m looking for every fucking detail. Since no one could answer me what the quality post content is I made my own definition.

The recipe for quality post content:
-          Make a good blog post structure – Write with your heart or mind. If you have an experience or knowledge share it. But explain it to every little detail. You have to keep in mind that this content need to be understandable to a 2-year old. Why? Let’s say that your talking about atomic bomb or internal combustion engine. You need to simplify this so everybody can and will understand you; if you want more traffic. If you explain something covering yourself with big and non-understandable words no one will read your blog.
-          Put some pictures, videos, and links – This can sometimes create an illusion of the good post. So first complete step number 1. If you put some pictures, links or videos you will connect with other sites. And for you that is very important. More website links you put on your post the more you will be connected with community. You will create spider web around your blog without knowing it.
-          Ask people for the opinions, comments. In your post put some questions maybe there is somebody who know something that you don’t.

If you completed previous step now it’s time to promote your blog. Send to your friends over the Facebook or Twitter. The Facebook has a program called NetworkedBlogs. This program will allow you to automatically share information with other blogs around the world. It’s a very useful tool. Also this program will allow you to read, vote and comment on other peoples post and blogs. Joining this program you’ll get quality traffic, and improve your site’s page rank.


Now let’s talk about Paid to click programs. When you join one of these sites you will have opportunity to earn money. It’s not a lot of money but the key is referrals. If you invite somebody to join to this program you will gain commission. This means that you will earn money every time they click on advertisement or ad.
Recently I’ve been searching Youtube for PTC Hack. Many people are interested in hacking these sites. What I love about hackers is they are honest people. When they brake some shit the post it but that doesn’t mean that will work for you. These hacking programs you take on your own risk. If they caught you they’ll erase your account and you will lose all your money.
On the other hand these sites have minimum payout so you have to click on those ads all the time. This can be sometimes very frustrating since per one and you earn 0.001 dollars. That not much, in fact that is nothing. Many of this sites don’t pay, they don’t send you any check. These site are scams. In fact a couple of years ago I stumble upon this site I thinks it’s called This site says that will pay you to read emails. These emails are worth over $700 each. I mean common. Who will give you that much money for single email? So forget it. This is one of the scam sites but there are hundreds of the on the internet.

The list of scam sites:

Of course there are more of these sites but for now this is all I could find. If you find anything new please share with me.

4.     Conclusion

Personally I think that ClixSense is not SCAM sites because you actually earn money and get paid. Over past year this site is evolved into serious business and now is one of the PTC sites. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’m just saying if you want to you can easily join in. On the other hand if you are blogging keep up a lot of things can happen. Maybe someday you will earn enough to retire. It’s all about the dedication to the thing your doing. Thank you for reading. See you soon.